About Coach Kids

COACH Kids was created in 2007 to fulfill a need in Clinton County for a faith based mentoring program for at risk youth.  What started out as Big Brothers, Big Sisters in the 1970’s by a teacher who saw a need within one of his students, has evolved into a local organization who works with schools, churches and other local groups to provide mentors.


Meet the Staff




Increasing Hope, Lowering Risk

Christ Offers All Children Hope at COACH Kids and that is how the organization was formed. 

It is proven that young adults who were considered at-risk youth, but had mentors, are

52% less likely to skip a day of school and

46% less likely to start using illegal drugs. 

This is just the start of how important a mentor/mentee relationship can be.


We believe in giving youth hope through safe, compassionate relationships.

Never Alone

Facing some problems can be scary, truly terrifying. You are not alone!!  The COACH Kids staff is here to make sure that no one has to face a problem alone. Click on any of the names to find out more about how they can help you bring hope to young people’s lives:

  • Mentoring was built into Susan Grasham’s identity from a young age.  She spent over ten years in youth ministry, trying to invest in the lives of teenagers. It didn’t take long for her to realize that relationships are powerful; the words we use, the attitudes we carry, the hope (or lack of hope) that we convey can make a very large difference.  

    COACH Kids provides a relationship resource to put hope into the most hope-less situation. Susan says, “The best people I’ve ever known take the time to look into a child’s eyes and listen to what they’ve got on their hearts.  I’ve seen it change the course of a life!  Everyone wants to know that they matter and recognizing one’s value is the first step to valuing others.  I want to use my life, my gifts and talents to make those relationships possible.”

  • For Elizabeth, COACH Kids means so much more than a “job”, it is a passion!  After working in the juvenile justice system and seeing the need for kids to have someone they can confide in, she feels thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of COACH Kids.  Her favorite part of working at COACH Kids is the ability to change kids lives, one kid at a time as well as working with all of the mentors.

  • Becky came to COACH Kids as a volunteer in the Local Heroes program.  She believes in the premise of helping a child grow into a confident adult and that the hope can be instilled in one-on-one interactions as well as the community working together to fill the needs of the children.  Becky believes hope is always there, but that it often gets lost in every life and, by being a mentor, you can build it back into the child.  She loves seeing the community come together in support of these kids and feels honored and humbled to be a part of that support system through COACH Kids.





Every Day

COACH Kids works hard to achieve its mission every day. 

The COACH Kids office at 554 W. Walnut St. in Frankfort, Indiana is generally open Monday-Thursday, 8:30-3:00pm. Though our office hours seem limited, we work 24 hours a day.  Please call (765)654-8812 and leave a message, drop paperwork through our door slot, send us an email to coach.kids@att.net or Find us on Facebook. We’re around, we’re available and never far away.

Through positive relationships, Clinton County youth and their family can make good choices and build a strong foundation for a brighter future.

2017 Board of Directors

Jo Ellen Clark
Lisa Ford
Tim Grasham
Jeff Hardesty
Joyce Jacobs
Chad Kozuch
Kelly Kurth
Pat McIlrath
Joel McKinney
Cheryl Pass
Bob Pearson
Judy Pearson
Traci Stine

COACH Kids of Clinton County  –  554 W. Walnut St.  Frankfort, IN  46041  –  (765)654-8812

Find us on Facebook!  –  coach.kids@att.net